Salesforce OmniStudio Certification Guide

Salesforce OmniStudio Certification Guide

With the acquisition of Vlocity back in 2020, Salesforce started to migrate three of the Vlocity Certification into Trailhead and Salesforce's WebAssessor. During the transition, there are some changes to the question and answer choices to meet the Salesforce standards for the exams. This guide focuses on OmniStudio Consultant and Developer Certifications and gives some guidance on which topics to pay attention to.

Vlocity Success Community

First step is to get access to the Vlocity Success Community by going to this link. It usually takes some time to be granted access so do it as early as possible and make sure you use your work email instead of a personal email address. As of today, only Salesforce Industries Customers and Partners can request access. The web version of the Vlocity Documentation is currently only available to those that have access to the Vlocity Success Community. Most of the advanced training materials are still in the Vlocity University and haven't been migrated to Trailhead yet so it would be harder to deep dive into Vlocity without gaining access to the community.  If you're not able to get access, there is a PDF version that you can use in your preparation for the certification.

Salesforce Org with OmniStudio

Second step is get access to a Salesforce Developer Org with OmniStudio. You can sign-up here.

Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio

Third step is to go through the newly released Trail named Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio. This new Trail replaces the "Vlocity Platform Essentials" course on Vlocity University and opens up the learning resources to everyone!

Build Guided Experiences with OmniStudio
Develop guided experiences for Salesforce customers with the OmniStudio digital engagement suite.

In both the OmniStudio Consultant and Developer Exams, make sure that you actually do all of the Trailhead modules including the exercises found within the links. You need to be able to go to each component and understand all of the different available options within the configuration panel of FlexCards, Integration Procedures and DataRaptors. It is essential to actually try the different features and see what they are for and reference the documentation to learn more about how they are supposed to be used.

OmniStudio Student Take Home Guide

Fourth step is to go through each item on the OmniStudio Student Take Home Guide. This is very important especially for those taking the OmniStudio Developer Exam.

OmniStudio Consultant

Prepare for Your Salesforce OmniStudio Consultant Credential Trailmix | Salesforce Trailhead
Preparing to sit for your OmniStudio Consultant credential? Check out this trailmix that has been curated to help you get exam ready!

This exam focuses on the concepts and theories that a consultant will need to understand how to implement solutions

  • In what scenarios one should use a Data Raptor vs Integration Procedure when getting or saving data within or outside Salesforce
  • Understand how to install from the Industry Process Library
  • When do you use clone vs. create a new version
  • Best practices in optimizing usability on FlexCards
  • How FlexCard States work
  • When to use Flyouts
  • When to use the Repeat
  • Understand all of the OmniScript Elements
  • Understand the different kinds of Blocks
  • When to reuse an OmniScript
  • How when to use the different types of Data Raptor

OmniStudio Developer

Prepare for Your Salesforce OmniStudio Developer Credential Trailmix | Salesforce Trailhead
Preparing to sit for your OmniStudio Developer credential? Check out this trail mix that has been curated to help you get exam ready!

This exam focuses on the application and the specific details that a developer would need to implement solutions.

  • Understanding the merge code syntax on FlexCards, OmniScripts, Integration Procedures. Ex. {{FieldName}} vs %ContextId% .
  • What is the proper JSON data format to be passed to the FlexCard
  • What makes FlexCard, Integration Procedure, Data Raptor unique
  • Understand the capabilities of Calculation Matrices and Calculation Procedures
  • Understand Row-Versioned Calculation Matrix
  • How to pass data from Parent FlexCard to Child FlexCards
  • Debug issues on why something may not be working